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Beer Soap

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Soap Available to Ship

Man Cave made with Moat Mountain Iron Mike's Pale Ale

Intoxicated Shampoo Bar made with Smuttynose Old BrownDog

Beach Bum Shampoo Bar made with Narragansett

Beantown made with Sam Adams Lager

Spiced Pumpkin made with Cape Ann Brewing Pumpkin Ale

Alpine Garden made with Tuckermans Pale Ale

Heady Topper made with The Alchemist Heady Topper

Citrus made with Sam Adams Summer Ale


 Beveridge Craft Beer & Soap Co. is a home-based business located in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Soaps are made using the finest natural oils and butters. We strive to use locally sourced goods as much as possible. We add local craft beer, wine, mead, goat's milk, yogurt, beeswax, honey, chocolate and coffee to our recipe's. 

Some people ask why beer? Well, when beer is added to the Soap making process rather than water it adds many benefits. Hops is an ingredient found in beer and is known for its relaxing properties Other great benefits to Hops are: it soothes irritated skin, and contains polyphenols thought to account for its anti-bacterial and preservative effects (beer’s long life) and also it contains skin- softening amino acids. Dependant upon the beer that we use, the amounts and types of hops, grains, malts, fruits and or nuts used when brewing the beer, each will have its own signature light scent and different degrees of creaminess in the bar of soap, with a subtle yet sweet under-note due to all of those beneficial beer ingredients.

Do not worry, you will not smell like you just bathed in a bottle of beer, you will just feel the added benefits and your skin will thank you! 

The same goes for my other liquid ingredients. They are all very beneficial to your skin.

Each batch of artisan soap is made by hand the old fashioned way in small batches. I use all natural and some local ingredients to ensure the finest quality. Each bar is hand-cut and then cured for at least four weeks. No animal testing is conducted, except of course on my very willing family members and friends!


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